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Bowl straight to winter fest

Polar Bowler is a classic arcade game where you will have to survive on your way down a slippery slide on the snowy mountains until you reach the end. It has similar gameplay with other popular games like Minion Rush and Temple Run except that you are a Polar Bear sliding down on a floaty and having the best time of your life instead of being chased by monsters in an intense escape run. At the end of the slide are the much-awaited pins that you have to knock off! Polar Bowler adds a unique twist to bowling games.  

Winter wonderland 

The game has very easy mechanics. All you have to do is to last long on the slide, by avoiding certain obstacles. At the same time, you need to collect power-ups along the way. To go farther and farther down the mountain, you will have to watch out for icy spikes as well as spinning wheels headed your way. Your main goal or objective is reaching the end and hitting the bowling pins waiting for you down the mountain. After launching your polar bear down the icy tubes or slide, you have to stir it left or right to avoid getting hit by objects. 

Gathering lots of points will let you unlock the polar bear’s other adorable winter friends, like the penguin, which you can play later on as your main character or avatar. There are also different levels to play, with each one becoming more and more challenging. Also, just like the original bowling games, there is a possibility that you won't knock out all the pins in a single strike. Avoiding all the obstacles will also not guarantee a full win. However, there is no need to worry because the game will let you have three strikes if ever you are not able to wipe all the pins out. For each round, you have got to give it your best shot!

Bowling with a twist

Polar Bowler is really like a running game and bowling sport game combined. Its winter theme is very easy on the eyes and appealing both to kids and adults alike. The mechanics are very simple, making Polar Bowler the kind of game you would play to pass the time during trips and just whenever you do not have something better to do. 

Chill out with: Walrus, Penguin, Snowman, Eskimo and even Santa! Send Polar Bowler tubing through snowflakes and stalagmites. Align his tube with arrows on the icy lanes and watch him plunge headfirst into pins.


  • Dozens of levels
  • Lots of power-ups to collect
  • 3D graphics
  • Easy game mechanics


  • No tilt-control option
  • Not much replayability value
  • Repetitive gameplay

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User reviews about Polar Bowler

  • Peggy Pruet

    by Peggy Pruet

    I love this game and purchased it a long time ago from Wild Tangent and since I had to get new computer they will not give it back

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Too fast.
    Our Powler Bowler has - about a month ago - become so fast that it is impossible to control. We can find no controls fMore

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    polar bowler.
    Great! I can hardly wait to load it down to my computer. I have it now, but I can"t seem to get it to downMore

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